In order to cater for your working capital needs, get in touch with us and we shall assist you in the most cost effective manner at competitive interest rates.
Demand Loans
Long term projects and the purchase of fixed assets should not be difficult to undertake. Talk to us for sound financial advice.
Hire Purchase
After identification of a vehicle of your choice, pay us a visit in order to assist you make the purchase easy and hassle free at a competitive interest rate.
Asset Financing
Buying machinery or equipment for your business should no longer be a hassle. Our Bank will assist with finance for acquisition of the same.
Insurance Premium Financing
To ensure that your valuables are well insured, we assist you through IPF Financing.
Local Bill / Cheque Discounting
For the purpose of providing alternate working capital, we discount genuine trade bills/bills under LCs of reputed banks at competitive interest rates.
Local Guarantees

We offer the following types of guarantees at competitive rates;

  • – Bid/Tender Bonds.
  • – Performance Guarantees.
  • – Retention Guarantees.
  • – Deferred Payment Guarantees.
  • – Financial Guarantees.
  • – Customs Bonds.

Trade Finance

We offer the following trade finance facilities;

  • – Letters of Credit.
  • – Foreign Bills for Collection – (imports and exports.)
  • – Avalization of Import Bills.
  • – Shipping Guarantees.
  • – Letters of Guarantee/Letters of Comfort.
  • – Import Finance (buyers credit)

All credit facilities are subject to regulations framed by Central Bank of Kenya and the bank.